Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Screen-Printed Tea Towels DIY, Part One

This summer, we decided to try out one of our newest prints on some tea towels!  It was a little tricky trying to line up the triangles, but we made it work.  More pictures and the first half of the tutorial after the jump.

Smooth out any wrinkles in the fabric before placing the screen on top.  Start with the lighter color (in this case, coral) first.  After masking the edges of the screen with tape, place a generous amount of printing ink along the top of the screen.

  Push, then pull back the squeegee across the design, using firm, steady pressure.

Carefully separate the first screen from the fabric.

Next, line up the second screen on top of the printed fabric.  This is probably the trickiest step.

Load up your screen once again with ink (we chose to pair the coral with lavender), and squeegee away!

Lift up the screen and voila!  Screen-printed fabric in a bold, fresh print.  Look out for other Winter Water Factory items in this print, coming next season.

Next time, we'll show you how to turn the printed fabric pieces into tea towels--stay tuned! 

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