Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Visiting the Factory

Just like our clothing tags read, all of our products are 100% certified organic cotton and made in the USA. We thought the "made in the USA" bit might be fun if we gave our customers a peek into what that means. So on one of our many factory visits - where our clothes are made, we decided to take some pictures of the process. Pictured above is the final product, but it doesn't start off that way...

We usually print our fabric to order, but always have a little extra, just in case - and in this case, for the solid colors, we had to do a whole dye lot for each color, so we've got a lot of extra! This will all be t-shirts one day...

Our fabric is laid out to be cut into pieces for rompers. I love the old equipment they use - it runs along a rail at the edge of the cutting table, and makes it really easy to spread out wide fabrics from a roll.

Here's the stack all piled up - the paper with the pattern goes on top, and the whole stack of fabric gets cut together. And this is just a small stack!

Sewing involves many different steps and many different machines. The pieces here already have the binding attached around the neckline, and are ready to be sewn together into dresses.

Here, the bottom hem is put on our sunshine dress.

A pile of samples - and proof that we're making this in the US - see US postal service bin!

Yay!! Todd is picking up the boxes, which are packed full of WWF goodies and soon will be shipped to our retailers. What an amazing process - we so appreciate everyone at the factory, and we'll be seeing them again very soon.

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  1. Great to see pix of the process and the appreciation of it being made here and by those making & involved in the process :-)